26 May

Before this pandemic, I always wanted to take risk for myself, yet the fear of rejection stop me every time I attempted to making my dreams come true. Then I began to be aware of my thoughts, how I honestly looked at myself, and let me tell you it was not always positive. I would see friends, classmates, and colleagues step out on faith, as I cheered and even supported them through their process. What occurred to me is that I would believe in their dreams more for them than myself.  Why was I afraid to do the same for myself and of course it was the big "F" word, Failure and "J" word Judgement. I share all of this to share, I had to learn to accept myself before I dive into my dreams, rewire my thoughts into positive thoughts, and let go of my fears. 

Now during this pandemic, I have put myself in uncomfortable moments that turned out to be nothing but growth. The fear of change can stop you and myself from growing and evolving. Embrace your fears, face them and it will transform your life. I am continuing growing and no I am not in a perfect universe but I am allowing myself to be present in my life and putting light on the positive instead of using a microscope to look at the negative. I am aspiring to have high vibrations and this is my journey as an educator, a leader, and every role I have and will gain.  I accept myself, I value myself, I am a force that will make waves.

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