06 Jul

Everyday our children are exposed to learning and as they walk through their schools, they exit with the opportunity to build a connection with what they have learned. Parents can build that bridge from their homes to the classroom by doing 3 simple steps. Literacy can be obtained within any home. Just by listening, having conversations, and reading.


As parents, we ask, "How was your day?" and usually they state something simple. Yet, what if we ask questions that dig deeper to their day? It will spark a new refresh conversation and a gateway to gaining a clearer understanding on their day during school.

What to Ask?:

  • After students come home ask them one of these questions to start them to talk:
    • What challenge did you face today and how were you able to solve the problem?
    • Share a new vocabulary word:
      • What does it mean?
      • How would you use it in a sentence?
    • What did you master in one of your courses today?
    • How would you describe the new concept you learn today?
    • Teach me a new skill you learn today.


Once they become used to the different questions they will become more comfortable with giving more details. This will develop a rich dialogue and once your child sees you are interested they will begin to be more active in the conversations.


  • We all know children love to speak but they need the space, time, and the opportunity to discuss with the people they trust, you.
  • There are many things happening in your child's world and the best person to talk to is you.
  • This will lead your child to feel empowered and build their confidence


The conversations will lead to topics that can be looked up (on your phone) for articles, books, videos, and pictures that can support your child's learning.

Young scholars will follow your lead and when they see you reading and watching educational topics they will become intrigued as well.


Look up topics that occur up in the conversation.

  • Share with your child what you discover (article, website, video, picture, ect.)
  • Make time for you and your child to discuss what you all discover.    

Guided Question Starter:

  • What stood out to you after you read / observed ...?
  • I learned this... what did you discover that was new about...?
  • Tell me three facts you have learnt from the text.
  • How is this relevant to you? This is relevant to me because....
  • Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  • Why do you think...?
  • How has the author made us think that...?
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